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"I have devoted my entire adult life to law enforcement and public service. Now, I want to work for you. I want to involve the community and businesses in our everyday activities at the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.  I want the citizens to know that they dictate what we do next or anything beyond our basic services.  If you want us to address the drug problem aggressively then that is what we will do. If you want us to protect our children and elderly by creating community based proactive programs, then that is what we will do.  With two decades of law enforcement experience at every level (i.e. city, county, state, federal and international), I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated issues while protecting your constitutional rights, and get things done."

                  -Keith Grounsell-



(Transparency internally and externally)



As Sheriff I will be expected to lead by example and demonstrate what is expected of the deputies. My command staff will be required to take an oath to EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT, making their top priority to provide for every need for the rank in file.


As Sheriff I will be mandated on a daily basis to take care of the employees through building of relationships, recognition, and providing the right expectations of all the staff.  “WE” will be accountable to each other instead of the rank in file being accountable to the command staff.



As Sheriff I will promote community policing and highly involve the citizens and businesses in our daily activities. Through use of the Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Assessment (SARA) model to problem solving, neighborhood watch, and community service meetings and in conjunction with top class training for Deputies at the Institute for Community-Police Relations (ICPR)  & other locations, the GCSO employees will take care of the citizens and the citizens will take care of the GCSO employees


As a pillar of my platform for GCSO Sheriff we will have a complete Implementation of community policing as a foundational procedure in all that is done at the office.

The Command Staff will be provided training and leadership classes for Community Policing such as the use of Crime Mapping, Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS) usage, and creation and building of Community Watch.

Deputies will follow with training and implementation classes such as SARA model and International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) provided bike patrol techniques and training.  Usage of agency wide bike patrols to select deputies will assist in closer encounters with the public, health of the Deputies improving, and savings of fuel.

The Community will follow with free training and implementation of “getting to know the Deputies that serve you” and “Breakfast/Coffee with the Sheriff” programs.  SARA and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) procedure will be discussed on a routine basis to improve on crime and community harmony.


As Sheriff, I will form a Vice & Organized Crime (VOC) unit within the Central Investigations Division (CID) that has specialist within the unit for drugs, vice crimes, human trafficking, gangs and other organized crime(s).


We will work in conjunction with federal, state and other local authorities, since criminals see no jurisdictional boundaries. All GCSO Deputies will be provided training on these enforcement efforts, so that everyone is contributing to the overall approach and enforcement effort.


The VOC will partner with the local businesses and community to ensure a multi-faceted approach to these problems, since crime cannot be controlled merely by enforcement efforts.


As Sheriff I will create community-based programs that ensure children, elderly and mentally ill are a priority for the GCSO.   We will partner with programs such as Drug Free South Carolina, Project Lifesaver, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Upstate, Drug Endangered Child, Julie Valentine Center, Boys, Girls Clubs of America and Defenders for Children.  


We will also create internal programs working with the citizens to ensure that mentoring/advising our children is equally as important as stopping by the homes of and checking on our elderly to ensure they are ok.  We will educate the deputies and give them the knowledge and resources to address these issues, so that people can receive the proper help and response.


As Sheriff the GCSO will understand the difference between EDUCATION and ENFORCEMENT.  With that said, when someone does violate our children, elderly or mentally ill persons, we will ensure that we hit them with the full force of the law.


in the workplace and in society


As Sheriff I will schedule routine round table discussions with female Deputies/employees at the GCSO and in the community and form an advisory board, which will give insight and guidance into these issues.


Have mandatory annual and ongoing training in this area. Create a zero tolerance program for SEA and encourage reporting. Make sure there is a hotline and/or email system where suspected violations can be reported anonymously and swift actions are taken.  


This will be done in an environment that allows the GCSO to recruit more females into law enforcement and ensure they have equal opportunities in the promotion process and career advancements.  


This will be done by ensuring that hiring, promotion and discipline boards are made up of an equal representation of men, women and minorities, so that it matches the population we serve and represent.  


As Sheriff I will work to improve efficiency overall for the GCSO.  We will move forward aggressively to ensure the GCSO gets ahead of the technology curve they have been behind for many years.


This includes tracking of patrol cars in real time, so that they can dispatch the closest unit according to GPS mapping. It also includes constantly upgrading in the latest technologies to intercept communications between criminal organizations.


I have organized a strategic plan that will partner with the other agencies around GCSO and make group purchases housed at the GCSO that can be used by all agencies. This will provide THE BEST for THE BEST for all of our neighbors to GCSO.  


This will also promote information sharing and intelligence gathering available to all agencies in the Greenville and surrounding areas, verses working separately and independently.  


With the help of the Citizens of Greenville County, the Deputies, Employees and Command Staff of GCSO, together we will strive each and every day to make the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office the TOP LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY IN THE NATION.  With this platform as a foundational starting point, I believe we can and will be successful.

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